The 3 C´s Caregivers Respite Care Plan - Time Out For You!
As a caregiver you need a break and sometimes just a helping hand too!

The needs of caregivers are often overlooked especially for those who care for a loved one or friend
on the Costa Blanca.  Often an elderly couple where one person is caring for the other get little or no
help from the Spanish health service.  In Spain it is accepted that it is down to relatives to care for
those close to them.

We offer provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members who
might otherwise require permanent placement or Palliative care in a facility outside the home.  Respite
care provides planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care givers.  
We can arrange cover for you for a few hours, a day, a weekend or longer both as day care or live in
24 hour care.  Offering professional carers or qualified nurses as required for your particular situation.
Contact us for immediate help.

Here are some of the services our respite care team can provide for you.
Immediate Emergency Respite Care Cover (Daily or 24 hour short term)
Weekend Cover Both Visiting and/or Live In
Meal Plan And Dietary Planning / Cooking Meals
Personal Hygiene Assistance
Accompanied Day Trips If This Is Part Of A Clients Daily Living Plan
Holiday Respite Cover From A Few Days Too Two Weeks
Respite Care Whilst a Regular Care Giver Is Unwell Or Hospitalised
During Difficult Times We Can Offer Assisted Caregiving To Caregivers
Hourly Respite Care So Caregivers Can Enjoy Some Me Time!
Caregivers Burn Out - When You Just Need A Break - Call Us For Help
" Those who are caregivers to loved ones,
family and friends need from time to time a
break from the routine and often difficult
work that they do.  At 3 C´s Care Agency we
understand fully the needs of the caregiver
and can offer respite care for as long or as
little as required. Sometimes all you need is
an hour or two to enjoy some much needed
me time or perhaps you feel the need for a
weekend away or a holiday.  We are here to
help and can offer a plan to give you the
much needed time to recharge your
batteries.  After all it is never a good idea for
a caregiver to burn out."
Sometimes As A Caregiver
You Simply Need Some Me Time
Recharge Your Batteries
With Respite Care
Let Us Take The Strain For A While!
You are welcome to contact us here for advice and information about our full range of care and nursing services.
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